Yaser Kassab is an award-winning filmmaker and producer based in Stockholm. He holds a Master's degree in film from Gothenburg University, with a focus on representational issues. 

Known for his documentary film trilogy that spans over a decade, and offers a personal and poetic perspective on the Syrian tragedy. His trilogy have screened globally at prestigious festivals including Cinema Du reel, Vision du reel, IDFA, RIDM, Festival Dei Popoli, Cairo international film festival, Carthage international Film festival, and other, and gained many awards.


Master of Fine Arts in Film,University of Gothenburg, 2022

Forsa Folkhögskola/ Photography project, 2020

Gamleby Folkhögskola/ Fotografiska processor, 2019

Mullsjö Folkhogskola/ Photography, 2019

Bachelor of Economics, Aleppo university, 2011


Scottish Documentary Institute, Connecting Stories, International mentorship scheme/ 2021

For Developing "Chasing The Dazzling Light" 

Mentor: Saeed Taji Farouki.

DW academy, Video journalism/ 2015

Intensive courses for becoming a video journalist for children TV programme Jalla Nehna. 

Trainers: Nasir Al-jezairi, Ute Mattigkeit, Samah Altaweel.

Bidayyat for audiovisual arts, Developing feature documentaries/ 2014

Three long course for developing "On the edge of life"

Trainers: Ali Essafi, Mohamad Soueid, Ghassan Salhab, Rania Stephan.

Bidayyat for audiovisual arts,, Film proposal writing/ 2014

Film proposal writing and film distribution

Trainer: Jinane Dagher. 


"Chasing The Dazzling Light" got the best first feature documentary at IDFA

Members of the jury were greatly impressed "by the filmmaker's total command of the cinematic language, using very simple, even austere elements and a clever and insightful sense of humor to tell a complex story about exile, family loss, nostalgia, loneliness, and to do so in a self-reflective, dignified and moving way."

World records Journal in their latest volume  address the questions "How do generations engage in political struggle together, even as their horizons diverge?"

and they published several articles that reflect on the Syrian cinema.

Nicolas Appelt writes an article "Bidayyat \ Intimate Exile"

As part of the colloquium "Creations proof of exile of war" at Université Sorbonne,  Camille Leprince  will present an analysis of the Syrian film On the edge of life by Yaser Kassab and Rima Alhamedd,  the/ panel Genres, shapes, spaces from 11:45 to 1.15 p.m. 

The Seminar will be streamed online:

Poster signed Misha Zavalny, No Enter Zone.

DOKUMENTÄRFOTOSALONG 2020: KAOS at Norrköping arbetarmuseum

Photography exhebition at Oslo City Campaign, Berlin City Campaign

ON THE EDGE OF LIFE – Prix du jury

de Yasser Kassab (Syrie, 2017, documentaire, 44 minutes)

Rima and Yasser fled Syria. They are in Beirut, then somewhere in Turkey, as prisoners of an indefinite no man’s land. Yaser Kassab films his companion Rima, the soulless decor where they found refuge, the moon, the pupil full in an eye of black clouds. And everywhere resonate the words of loved ones left in Syria, the guilt of not being there to survive or die with them. 

"On the edge of life" as a Best documentary and Best mid-length documentary at Tirana Film Festival

Jury's motivation:

"A heart-rending personal essay on grief and uprooting, on the limbo states of existence"

"On the edge of life" best -mid-length documentary at  Festival dei Popoli 

 jury's motivation:

 "Both lyrical and personal, this film relates an urgent and all-too-common experience today employing a unique cinematic language which creates an important space for contemplation. A story of survival in a contemporary moment of uncertainty, the film gathers textures and images which attest to displacement and struggle but also their representation. Generous, open, subtle and filled with unsuspecting poetry, this film demonstrates how art, cinema and human connection are integral to existence in dire circumstances."

European Foundation Joris Ivens  jury's motivation for the award as a best first film in the 39th edition of cinema du reel film festival.

Yaser Kassab transcend the process of mourning, developing a particular cinematic treatment of space, both internal and external.

Chasing the dazzling light

مطاردة الضوء المبهر

Duration: 63 min documentary

Production country: Syria, Qatar, 2023

Written & Directed by: Yaser Kassab

Production company: Zenloop productions/ Rima Alhamedd/Yaser Kassab

Creative advisor/Co- writer: Rima Alhamedd


Director Yaser Kassab followed in his father’s footsteps by emigrating as a young man from Syria to Europe, and like his father he also had the ambition to become a filmmaker. Now they are working together on this film remotely. From Syria, the father gives his son direction on the phone or in video calls, along with advice about future film projects or how to organise his life—loving conversations interspersed with well- intentioned parental advice.

This at times leads to amusing or uncomfortable scenes, while the film creates a beautiful portrait of a father in absence—a man who can't be with his son, like so many Syrians who are separated from their offspring, whether by distance or death. Father and son live with a certain loneliness; for the refugee filmmaker, this arises from his attempts to build a new life with his wife within the confines of Sweden’s stricter new immigration laws.

World Premiere: Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival IDFA.

The Best First Feature documentary at IDFA

I have seen nothing, I have seen all

لم أر شيئاً، رأيت كل شيئ

Duration: 19 min documentary

Production country: Syria, Lebanon, Sweden 2019

Written & Directed by: Yaser Kassab

Producer: Mohamad Ali Atassi & Yaser Kassab 

Production company: Bidayyat for Audiovisual arts & Zenloop productions

Film editor: Rima Alhamedd

Sound Mix: Bertrand Larrieu


After talking about the end of the war in Syria and the start of the reconstruction phase, thousands of kilometers separate Yaser in Sweden from his parents in Aleppo. When both find themselves compelled to transfer the grave of the younger brother from the public park.




- In Arabic

"لم أرَ شيئاً، رأيتُ كلّ شيء": حين تصبح المقابر السورية "كومبليه" ندى الأزهري

- Lost outside time/ Francesca Borri

Available to watch in UK, USA, Click here

France, Tenk, Click here

On The Edge Of Life

على حافة الحياة

Duration: 45 MIn documentary

Production country: Syria, 2017

Directed by: Yaser Kassab & Rima Alhamedd

Production company: Zenloop productions

Sound Mix: Bertrand Larrieu


Yaser transcendent from a remote and an empty rest stop in Turkey the process of mourning after losing his younger brother in Aleppo, a relationship with his father has been evolved to a strong emotional connection, although the noisy voice calls and messages




-سوريا.. على حافة الحياة ٩ أبريل ٢٠١٧ محمد موسى

-تنويعات وثائقيات سورية في السرد والجمالية 30/07/2018 علاء رشيدي